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(T/N: we'll only put the translations not all the screenshot since it'll be too long ^^; people have been invading our instagram asking us to translate it ^^; PLEASE DON'T FIGHT in the comment section, we translated upon request ;;)

EXO-L (E): It's because of the award, MMA~
Melon (M): Yes~
E: I've heard about your phone content/record and apparently you have internal data?
M: That's right those are the digital sales point~
E: Right
M: We started entering data from November 19th of last year until November 18th this year.
E: Ok
M: The aggregated score from that year is only available in our internal data
E: Ok
M: The charts that you are seeing is only the real-time chart, that's only a facade of the whole chart
E: Ok
M: The internal data I'm referring to, that Melon has collected was over that one year. It includes real-time, monthly, weekly, usual(?) and streaming, all together
E: But if they didn't release anything for a year, it means that you're not counting it right?
M: Yes that's right
E: I did the calculations that went into the award for album of the year, you're saying that what I'm seeing is different from Melon's internal data?
M: No, it's the same thing the thing you're viewing is the C!!H!!A!!R!!T and the real-time streaming, isn't this what you're talking about?
E: I don't think so
M: Maybe the data that you're viewing may not be the total score because it's kinda difficult. Only Loen has access to the total score. I don't know what are the data you used to calculate but I'm going to make it clear to you that what you're seeing is the C!!H!!A!!R!!T You're only able to view the things from the charts
E: Ok
M: But the part is not right, we look at the number of streaming, not only when people buy their album, but you know they can just listen to it. We calculate that for a whole year.
E: Ok
M: With this, we're able to come up with the total score for digital sales
E: But then aren't you going to reveal those data publicly?
M: Because there's such a huge amount of data, it's not that we don't want to release it, but we can't~~
E: If you can't then why are you taking into account the internal data?
M: Are you insinuating that our internal data might've missed and let something out, this is what you're insinuating right?
E: Yes
M: I can tell you whatever I can say, but I can assure you that there's no way we will drop something out. Bangtan received way more streaming points than EXO during the year, so now you understand why Bangtan won over EXO right@@@
E: You have to understand that people who votes for this award didn't do it for free right? You gave us 3 votes and stuff like that, so many opportunities to stream, and now you're telling me stuff like the internal data can't be revealed... That's a bit..
M: I'm not saying I'm not revealing it~~Please listen to me client-nim!! When EXO released their song, it immediately went up to #1 in the charts right?
E: I'm not talking about the topping chart part, but you made the fans pay for that and you should make us understand, we voted and you should make us understand why too otherwise we'll just keep talking about it
M: No!! I'm telling you everything I can say, but you're not wanting to understand~ What I'm trying to tell you is that Bangtan has scored higher for the whole 1 year, you want to see those results right?
E: Yes
M: Ok! But those are the whole aggregated data we have and it's I!N!T!E!R!N!A!L! It's not that we don't want to release it, but because it's internal, we can't
E: Why can't you reveal it?
M: It's I!N!T!E!R!N!A!L data didn't I tell you? In~~~~ternal~~~
E: What's the difference then, if you can settle things by revealing it, why not just reveal it?
M: It's not about settling things the amount is huge...ha..... It's not just about those EXO people, it contains information about all the artists~~~ It's from the whole year~~Right??? Client-nim~~~?
E: ...(silence)...Yeah...Whatever...Yeah...Ok...Just speak
M: Yeah so because of that, even sorting out all the data one by one is impossible from the start. The results showed and we gave the award like that
E: Sigh...Ok I understand
M: Ok~ Thank you it was Melon's customer service XXX. (She said it so fast as if she was rapping)

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ㅇㅇ |2016.11.22 21:18 신고하기
Melon just hates EXO, they should've acted right from the start. The awarded team received so much hate, the team who didn't receive anything received so much hate, the people who wanted feedback got so much hate and no one was at fault among them. They were going to give it to Bangtan from the start but they still made us pay to stream and vote and couldn't give the award to EXO in the first place because of their I!N!T!E!RN!A!L data. Even if they actually revealed those internal data, people will still fight. There are tones of posts about this already but it's not like we can change anything

ㅇㅇ |2016.11.22 18:38 신고하기
But Army are the ones who brought up upon themselves

ㅇㅇ |2016.11.22 18:33 신고하기
(Another EXO-L calling Melon saying it didn't make sense that EXO was lower than BTS, again the Melon rep said that their internal data was accurate. The EXO-L then asked about IOI and BlackPink's rookie award, where the rep said that it was also the aggregated data from the internal data. Then the EXO-L asked whether there was a way to recalculate the results, the rep said no.)
ㅇㅇ |2016.11.22 19:07 신고하기
That fan just turned EXO unlikeable now

ㅇㅇ |2016.11.22 18:38 신고하기
Sigh... EXO won't be able to show their faces again


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