Monday, November 21, 2016


Just changing the lens makes you look like a different person

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1. Seriously sometimes I'm just thinking about exchanging my soul with my friend so I can see what I really look like

2. I'm still not sure what I really look like

3. Every angle is different so I don't even know what they really look like

4. I'm so curious about my real-life visuals

5. I have a twin so I can look at my unnie's face. But it's so so, I don't recommend

6. The last lady looks a bit like Park Bogum

7. Wow this is so interesting

8. I think that above 200 is the closest to real life... 200 looks the most close

9. I just want to believe what I see in the mirror

10. If you're pretty you'd look pretty no matter what... Taehee unnie... Jihyun unnie I'm your wannabe


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